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We Are Top Vacuum Infusion Consumables/ Vacuum Accessories Manufacturer in India

SR Composites is one of the Top Vacuum Bagging Consumables Manufacturers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. leading players in the rapidly growing Composite Industry. SR Composites was established in 2014 with the intention to develop its place in the Advanced Composite Industry with a focus on Quality and Customer Service. SR Composites provides advanced composite materials, vacuum accessories for its customers worldwide. We have gone beyond basic products to offer a complete range of solutions.

SR Composites specializes in the supply of Vacuum Bagging Materials like Vacuum Bagging Film, Breather Fabric, Paint Rollers, Vacuum Infusion mesh, vacuum breaker, Spiral tube, Feed Hose, Spring Hose, Waterproof tape, Sealant Tape, Vacuum Sealant tape, flex tape, Teflon tape, mylar films and other Vacuum infusion-related products to the advanced composites industry.

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You can Buy vacuum bagging materials,Painting AccessoriesTubes / Hose, Films , vacuum  bagging film, pumps, fittings, tools, and more from the vacuum bagging accessories at sr composite.