Breather Fabric

Our Breather Fabrics are all manufactured from polyester fibres which are needle punched to form the non-woven, feltlike fabric. There are no chemical binders used in these products. The tex of the fibre, the fibre length and the punching density have all been optimised to create breather fabrics with optimum characteristics. All the breather fabrics have been designed to produce good elongation in all directions, so that they can be draped easily over complex curvatures. This helps to minimise any bridging situations which may otherwise tend to occur.

Specifically designed to allow the vacuum to flow from the bag connector to the end of the tool or to bleed of resin from the laminate.



Material: Polyster Needle punched
Thickness: 130 Gsm, 150 gsm or customized
Temperature: Max Cure temp 200* C
Width: 1000 mm / 1200 mm/ 1600 mm/ 3000 mm or customized
Color: White