Nylon Peel Ply

Nylon base woven fabric, Peel ply, is manufactured by us and is utilized by a variety of advanced composite industries. Nylon Peel Ply is a high temperature fabric which is heat-set and scoured that is used in the vacuum bagging process, to acquire required softness and good bonding directly against laminates. It is an ideal release material used directly against the laminate where a textured surface is required, that is, placed on the surface of the laminate where the rough surface is essential. Normally peel plies leave the woven impression on the surface ensuring roughness of the laminate. Peel ply has a porous and weaved structure which absorbs the excess resin during curing leaving the rough impression on the surface. Moreover, it is employed to ensure dirt less, and non-contaminated surface for secondary bonding or painting. In line with the different range of curing temperatures, there are different types of peel plies available. It is released from the most commercial resin systems.



Physical Parameters
Thickness Tolerance 0.145 mm
Color Natural White
Fabric Type Nylon 6
Fabric Weight 85±5 g/m2
Tracer Yarn (Identification) Red
Tracer Yarn Material Polyester
Usage Temperature Upto 190 °C
Melting Temperature ≥ 210 ̊C
Length 100 meter

Packaging and Storage

— Storage & Handling. No special storage condition required. Keep away from water contamination.

— Packing Packed with shrink wrapping (moisture proof plastic bags).