Sealant tape – High Temp

Sealant tape – High Temperature is synthetic rubber sealant tape which provides a continuous airtight seal between the vacuum bag and the mold around the perimeter of the mold. The sealant tape may also be used to seal the point where the manifold enters the bag and to repair leaks in the bag or plumbing.


Our Sealant High-Temperature Tape or Heat Resistant Sealing Tape is a cost effective vacuum bag sealant tape for room and medium temperature applications. It has been specially formulated to provide excellent tack, firm feel, good clean-up and long shelf-life.


Lower material cost.
Long shelf life reduces waste.
Easy clean up reduces cost and times of tool cleaning.
Different tack version has better tack for different environments, easy to use.



Typical Specifications:

Physical Propertires Units Specifications
Thickness MM 3
Width MM 12
Length Mtr 10 or 15
Color Yellow
Working Temp. C Max 210
Material Synthetic Butyl Rubber