Sealant tape – Normal

We are supplier of Sealant Tape and Its an self adhesive and is made from butyl compound. Its butyl-rubber based, two-sided, self-adhesive sealant tape with good elastic properties.



Description Properties
Adhesiveness Butyl rubber has excellent adhesion to most of the material such as all of Composite material, FRP, metal, wood, glass, non-ferrous, concrete, etc.
Heat and Cold Resistance It is having excellent heat and cold resistance hence it can be used in high temperature conditions.(Temp not more then 160 °C)
Insulation Property It is having excellent dielectric insulation property so it is widely used in electrical industry.
Corrosive property Excellent anticorrosive property. lt protects surface from corroding from atmospheric moisture.
UV Protection Excellent resistance against UV rays.One side laminated is helping to protect its characteristic when exposed to direct sunlight.
Application temperature 0 °C to 35 °C.
Colour Compitability with Vacuum Film