Vacuum Bagging Film

Vacuum Bagging Films are used to seal the whole of the composite laminate, including the other vacuum consumables, to the tooling surface. A vacuum is then applied in order to apply atmospheric pressure to the component.This pressure can be increased in an autoclave, or maintained for a standard, one-atmosphere cure cycle at the chosen cure temperature.

Due to their good temperature resistance, cost effectiveness, ease of use and low air permeability (necessary to achieve a good quality laminate and vacuum integrity). Nylon films are susceptible to variations in humidity, since moisture is used as a natural plasticizer.



Film Thickness: 55 / 65/ 75 micron
Film Color: Transparent Green
Temperature: Max upto 180 degree Celsius
Width available: 500 mm to 4500 mm
Packing: Cardboard case

Care must be taken when handling and storing vacuum bagging films to prevent damage. We individually package roll’s of film in a tough cardboard outer tube, to provide sufficient protection to the film.